21,850 RSD

Kale is an H-line dress with an oval neckline. It is made of a combination of fabrics – bouclé and wool. A special detail is a piece of a Pirot kilim made by Damsko srce collective. It is attached with metal zippers it needs to be removed before each wash. The tradition of weaving Pirot kilims is five centuries old. Each pattern has its own age-old symbol and meaning. The motif on this dress is Gugutka na vraško koleno, and you can read below how Slavica Ćirić, the director of Damsko srce, describes it: Turtledove brings joy and happiness to a home, and you ARE the home. Devil’s knee is the symbol of a man in the circle of life. Turtledove on the devil’s knee is a Pirot kilim pattern that is given to someone, so it would bring them happiness, protection, and success. Devil’s knees remove negative energy from the environment and do not allow injustice or evil to befall its owner. The legend says that anyone who sets off for your house with bad intentions will break their leg or knee on the way. It will stop bad words and deeds, and it won’t allow injustice or evil to be inflicted on you. A certificate of originality of the piece of Pirot kilim accompanies the dress.

Model is 176cm/5'9" tall.

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